"1.1 Squash and stretch

1.2 Anticipation
An anticipation pose or drawing is a preparation for the main action of an animated scene, as distinct from the action and the reaction.

1.3 Staging 1.4 Straight ahead action and pose to pose 1.5 Slow in and slow out 1.6 Arcs 1.7 Secondary action 1.8 Timing

1.9 Follow through and overlapping action
1. A character might have a coat or long ears, and these parts would keep moving once the figure had stopped moving. The ears, or coat, would "follow through" even after the main action had stopped.
2. Bodies in motion do not move all at once, rather different parts of a body may move at different speeds. Therefore, as one part of the body stops, another part (such as an arm), might overlap or follow through the main action, slowly settling to a stop.

1.10 Exaggeration 1.11 Solid drawing 1.12 Appeal"